A pocket friend
He will be always with you in our app
You will never get lonely anymore share your pain and choose a friend depending on your life situation.

In modern world it is difficult to find a real friend and share your feelings with, who will be around you in happy and difficult moments in your life.
Our mission — to give a pocket friend every person in the world, whom you can share and get experience. No matter where you are, in the park, traffic jam or having a cup of coffee in the coffee shop, you can have a companion, you can be anybody in the world but here you can definitely find a friend.
Choose a friend
Modern world realities
Friend does care
Cure for social loneliness
If you need a person in a real life time not a bot but the person who is going to support your your emotional state feelings and emotions a pocket friend in our app for you, because we all know that social networks not full of real people and people who is ready to help you and accept your problems.
In dark times you are broken down and tired and there is nobody to support you and say a kind word, here something new for you! Life can be so abandoned but we really need somebody do not give up and rise up. Speeches with a pocket friend will help you to live a happy life even it is so unsatisfied sometimes.
It is not a random person who calls you and does not give a thing what's going on in your life because he has the same situation as you that is why you have mutual interest. You can choose a friend depending on age, life experience, personal preferences and have speeches depending on your life situations have the same speeches or change them.
(для дальнейшего и более точного подбора, уточняйте у менеджеров)
Why 15 minutes
The most optimal format you can find 15 minutes anywhere and anytime
If you feel so bad 15 minutes make your life better definitely.
No difficult platform to use.
It is 0.8% from 24 hours
How does it work?
A friend
You can choose a friend for speeches depending on your life situation.
Apply for a trial period on this website, our manager will get in touch with you and answer all questions you have.
Personal assistant
After your application our manager will contact with you with scheduling speeches for you and understanding the details and preferences for speeches.
First speech
You having the first speech via audio/ video call in our app ISpeechka
After trial period which lasts 5 days you can purchase subscription. We have types of subscription.
The App
Download our app ISpeechka on AppStore (PlayMarket in process).
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A pocket friend is always with you
Talk to your pocket friend in our app
Who will be my friend?
You have speeches with people in our app, you can choose criteria and life situation depending on what is going on in your life. Your friend this is not a bot it is a real life person whom you can talk with via video/audio calls in our app.
Why 15 minutes can I have more?
15 minutes it is our optimal format so you can also have 30 minutes speeches it will be count as 2 speeches in the row.
Where speeches take place?
All speeches in our app ISpeechka which you can download on App Store. Google Play in process
Why do I need this app for?
This app and community for people who has no friends and who feels difficult to communicate with others who misunderstood who is lost and lonely sometimes maybe quite often, who is looking the same people like them for communication for being understood and sharing their experience with, being in the moment. If you are lonely you feel empty and broken and you think that nobody gives a thing this app is for you, trust me our team gives a big thing about you cause we are working hard to crate the community and develop the app not the first year for you exactly.
How long the subscription lasts?
The subscription lasts a month
Any questions?
Apply and we can help you to pick a friend for you.
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