A deep talk
If you feel lonely and need a person whom you can share your emotions and feelings with your pain and life sutuation in difficult moment of your life, this option for you. Choose a friend whom you can talk and share anytime and any moment of your life anywhere you are. 15 minutes will make your day.
If you are lonely
In such moments not many people around you who really understands how it feels like, who an talk to you about loneliness and share his experience f overcoming this feeling. Loneliness can spread from depression to the deep end. We want to change situation and that is why we can help you to find a friend who suffer from loneliness as well and who can help you to overcome such difficult moment. Share your feelings on it with a pocket friend and get friends not for 15 min only but for life.
For walks
What a beautiful weather today is not it?! And you have no one to go for a walk with?
You are not alone here are all of us. Become friends with a person who has no one to go for a walk with as well, who wants to have sunny walks with friends but has nobody around. Find a friend in the app who has the same needs as you do have picnics with him, seat next to the lake and share your precious ,mind with him.
For wine talks
We are for healthy life style for sure but every person need to relax a bit. Is not it a magic to have a person around who can talk to you about sense of life and the modern's society conception with the glass of wine. Find a companionship whom you can share secrets of the universe with the glass of wine. Let's say NO to the lonely Friday's eves.
Loss of relatives
To get over the loss of relatives very hard especially when you are alone and nobody is around you. In this case you can get friend with a person who had quite the same life experience who got over the sos and came back to the normal life. A pocket friend in our app will help you to get over the difficulties relying on support that he provides.
Go for shopping
Like fashion trends and going for shopping alone? With a pocket friend it will be the way more interesting.. To get friends with a stylist it is a big luck but anyway that you have the same vibes you feel each other. Pick great looks for each other for events. Cool, is not it?
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